We're excited. Tomorrow's webinar with Alex Papadimoulis, Founder and CEO, will mark the final, pre-release milestone for Hedgehog, the tool we built to deploy your packages to servers and the cloud.

We created Hedgehog because of the frustrations that many of our users were encountering as they shifted to using packages for their own applications and components:

  • BuildMaster and other Application Release Automation tools are too "release" focused, not centered around packages
  • Other package-based tools get complicated at scale, and too few tool experts create a bottleneck

Hedgehog is not only intuitive and easy to use, but has a powerful, free version that has no limit on the number of projects, users, or servers!

Join us tomorrow (May 10th), at 1PM Eastern. Alex will be talking more about this, and how you can use Hedgehog to accelerate and scale your releases.

See you then!