If you Build it They Will Come: Scaling the Enterprise for DevOps

Recently, our colleagues over at XebiaLabs, discussed in a webinar a few steps needed in order to scale the enterprise for a successful DevOps adoption. We think they highlighted some very important steps, check them out:

  1. Create a high performing DevOps environment
  2. Be proactive about security
  3. Build your DevOps team

With the Inedo DevOps solution (ProGet, BuildMaster, and Otter) we’ve seen many organizations dive headfirst into attacking some of these steps – often times with a huge consideration on security. Many of our compliance features are natively built into our tools, as security is a common concern among our users.

Increased automation, and scaling an enterprise, can sometimes cause compliance to be an afterthought. With our features like audit trials, manual and automated approvals, and configuration drift remediation; it’s easy to ensure you’re compliance standards aren’t sacrificed for you DevOps adoption.

Nice work XebiaLabs! To watch the full webinar visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2Tk2bjhaS4

And to learn more about our unified DevOps solution, check out our products page here: http://inedo.com/products.