Inedo Recognized as One of the Top 20 Influential Brands for Release Management Professionals

While we've previously mentioned the Release Management Wiki, an incredible resource on the ever-expanding topic of Release Management, our colleagues over at Electric-Cloud have announced their Top 20 Vendors. Of which, we here at Inedo are proud to be a part of!

The Editors in charge of the wiki have analyzed over 4,000 articles, as well as social shares and backlinks, all in order to determine the top 20 Release Management vendors. Among these 20 "heavy-hitters," we have our own content category on the Wiki, which includes our official resources, and some provided by our community, (Thanks!) all about our Enterprise DevOps Solution.

Our DevOps Solution has also been recognized for leading the industry by providing powerful tools that are easy to use, all at a considerably lower cost of implementation than our competitors. The shift from traditional development practices, into nimble DevOps best practices, is often a weak link due to complex and expensive solutions. We strive to design our tools with ease of implementation, and powerful automation in mind, so it is always great to hear that it's appreciated!

We're excited to see where Release Management will go next, and how we can move forward with the community. All while continually removing barriers to utilizing DevOps best practices. Thanks Electric-Cloud! Great work!

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