InedoCon 2019 Speaker and Session Details

Are you getting excited for InedoCon 2019? We definitely are!

Today, we're pleased to share the speaker and session details for InedoCon 2019!

At InedoCon 2019, you'll have the opportunity to learn from engineers and managers who are leading their companies in continuous integration & delivery, infrastructure automation, and microservice packaging while using Inedo's tool suite in combination with NuGet, PowerShell, Chocolatey, Docker, Jenkins, and more.

Speakers include:

  • Greg Divis, Inedo: "Reliable, self-service application & component delivery with universal packages." Learn how to simplify your complex, multi-component architectures using universal packages and feeds.
  • Jeffery Hackert, Supergroup: "Is DevOps Still a Thing?" Hear Jeffery's experience working with Riot Games, Chef, Soylent, and other companies who have helped shape the goals, tooling, and the culture that we collectively call DevOps.
  • Aaron Jensen, WebMD Health Services: "The Enterprise Automation Journey." Get the story of a true transformation: from manual, protracted, error-prone processes to a CI/CD pipeline across dozens of microservices and a legacy monolithic application.

InedoCon 2019 is coming to Portland, OR from May 22-23. Check out event details & speakers here and make sure to grab your tickets before March 29th to save 20%. Interested in learning more about our workshops and certifications? Make sure to check out our post about getting certified at InedoCon 2019.

We can’t wait to see you in May!