Introducing ProGet 2.0

This February ProGet celebrated its first birthday, today we are excited for yet another milestone, ProGet 2.0. If you haven't heard about ProGet, it is a NuGet server that can function as an independent tool, or side by side with NuGet. ProGet differentiates itself from other NuGet servers by offering additional flexibility, especially for managing enterprise dependencies. These differences are primarily seen with additional feature functionality in areas like; authentication, access controls, and auditing. We have had great feedback from our users over this past year, and the changes introduced to ProGet 2.0 and before are driven by this dialogue. One thing is still the same about ProGet though, the price, just like always ProGet is free to license.

Updates for ProGet 2.0

The ProGet 2.0 release has made several notable changes:

  • NuGet Extensions are now available, for easier configuration and additional metadata storage.
  • Changes to the SDK now allow for differential disk space, here is an example.
  • Package metadata is now indexed in the database, which means that large feeds are no longer an issue.

These are just a few of the updates we have made, our upgrade notes can provide a more detailed explanation of these changes and more.

ProGet Client Tools

ProGet 2.0 isn't our only ProGet push this month, we have also released ProGet Client Tools. The Client Tools are designed for enterprise users who need added functionality due to the types of workflows that are common to their environments. Just like ProGet, the Client Tools can be a standalone tool, or function with NuGet. To learn more about ProGet Client Tools see this article for a more in depth discussion.

Try It!

Visit the ProGet Downloads page to give ProGet 2.0 a try.