Jeff Hackert knows about Change!

Former Director of Engineering at Chef, VP of Engineering at Soylent, and Partner at SuperGroup, Jeff has seen what works, what doesn't, and the unique challenges that Change presents in technology and for the people implementing it.

He'll be sharing his knowledge with you at InedoCon 2019, May 22-23 in Portland, Oregon.

As a self-described 'agent of Change' Jeff has been in the thick of Change over the last 2 decades. His expertise in: development culture, software methodologies, tooling, and the buzzwords that go with them is immense.

In his session "Is DevOps still a thing" Jeff will cover: past trends & which of them have proven worth holding onto, common stumbling blocks & how to avoid them, and how to benefit from Change.

Jeff talks more about his keynote in this short video:

Jeff is just one of the InedoCon 2019 presenters. The conference is a packed 2 days full of keynotes, certification workshops, and sessions like Jeff's.

Register now to reserve your space and learn from Jeff's first hand experiences about how to make Change successful, and all things Inedo.

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