Monolith to Microservices while Maintaining Compliance-with Bob Vandehey of Alkami Technology

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You work in a highly regulated industry
  • You work on a monolith application that is slowing down your development
  • You're interested in moving towards a microservice architecture

If so, you NEED to hear from Bob Vandehey, Vice President and Chief Architect at Alkami Technology, at InedoCon 2019.

  • Bob has been working in online banking applications for more than 20 years, and he knows what stands up to compliance standards and what doesn't.
  • He managed a monolith until it became too unwieldly and slowed down the team's ability to release changes quickly.
  • Bob has moved his team to a microservice based model that componentized their monolith by breaking it into packages to allow for CI/CD.

At his InedoCon 2019 talk, you'll learn firsthand how Bob's team has broken down their aging monolith into a componentized, miroservices-based application and created a CI/CD toolchain that puts packages and synchronization as the key concepts to deliver changes quickly and reliably.

Check out Bob's short video for more details:

Prior to Alkami, Bob was Senior Director at Rovi, and Senior Director at Online Resources, a financial services firm. He has been the driving force to make sure organizations stay compliant, stay adaptable, and drive the market forward.

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