Let's Talk at InedoCon

I've been getting pretty excited about InedoCon, especially after my recent interview about the conference. I've also been thinking a lot about the keynote address, and what I want to talk to you about in-person.

Software Development has Gotten Painfully Complex

Writing business software used to be a lot easier. But these days, developers are not only expected to become full-stack software engineers and master a constantly-changing set of languages and platforms, but also master cloud architecture, serverless computing, and container orchestration?

It's no wonder that developers in organizations that are trying to “modernize” are struggling to write code that delivers real business value. It's just platform, plumbing, and problems.

Modern software development doesn't have to be like this. I've helped a lot of our customers navigate this nonsense and let their developers get back to what they do best: writing code for the business.

Let's All Talk More, In-Person

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to meet many of you in-person, and the value of face-to-face meetings has been immeasurable. I would have never believed that, especially considering how easy email, chat, and web meetings are, but the results speak for themselves.

Nearly all the major changes you've seen at Inedo are a direct result of feedback from these face-to-face meetings:

InedoCon is our chance to come together, learn from one another, and work together to make our jobs, companies, and lives better. There's a reason that world leaders hold summits, executives have retreats, and software companies have user conferences. I hope you can be part of our change too.

Why should you attend?

Our team wrote a nice justification letter that captures the business value of the event, and I also talked about this with our COO, Michael Goulis:

Definitely worth mentioning the workshops though: these are our professionally-developed courses, given by our master trainers — and are designed to teach everyone (even experienced users) some valuable things. For example, I designed BuildMaster and even I learned a few things about its usage :)

Win a VIP Package (including Hotel + Travel)

Interested in attending InedoCon, but not sure it's in your team budget?

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