Now Hiring! Help Us Expand and Continue to Build Great and Innovative Products

The Enterprise DevOps tools market has really been taking off lately, and thanks to you, so has Inedo!

We're hoping you can introduce us to some great people that can grow with us.

  • Solution Architect/Consultant – work closely with our users to help them adopt DevOps best practices in their organization using our tools
  • Software Development Manager – lead our software development team and help develop our innovative products
  • Software Developer – Build and maintain our products, extensions, and internal systems while identifying bugs and issues with our customers
  • Content creator/writer – communicate the business value aspects of what we do to customers by working closely with our technical teams
  • US events manager ;– lead our events team and particulate in Inedo and software communities
  • Marketing events associate – travel to various events to meet users and introduce new people to Inedo

Of course, you already how our products help organizations build software better, and that they're really cool behind the scenes. But what you may not have known is that Inedo is still a small team, and this a great opportunity to join a fast-growing but stable company, without all the uncertainty, stress, and unpredictability of a typical start-up.

A Different Work & Life Balance at Inedo

Actually, we're not at all like a San Francisco Startup, and we're proud of that. We're driven by enthusiastic customers who get excited about our next release, not by venture capitalists who are always pushing for that next series of investment.

We work hard, but more importantly, we work smart. This means not only eschewing buzzword-driven development and hacking-till-it-works, but we really focus on making a smart work/life balance a big part of our company culture.

Some call our work/life culture a "Midwest thing", which makes sense because we're based in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only are the people here friendly — we actually smile and say hi to passerbys — but it's a wonderful place to live, work, and play, whether you're raising a family or single:

  • Greater Cleveland is super affordable compared to other major cities in America.
  • The food and brewery scene is booming, with award winning restaurants opening all across town.
  • We boast three professional sports teams (yes, the Browns are professionals), and have had appearances in both the NBA finals and MLB world series in the last year.
  • Experience the joy of all four seasons! Actual. Seasons. One lasts a little longer than the others, but when you have patio season to look forward to, it's an easy sacrifice.
  • The Cleveland Metroparks spans more than 23,000 acres and has 300+ miles of trails, eight golf courses, eight lakefront parks (one of which is a few minutes walk from our office) and a nationally-acclaimed zoo.
  • Playhouse Square is the second largest theater district in the United States, and attracts more than one million guests per year to its 1,000+ annual events.

And of course, we'll gladly help with relocation to Cleveland. A lot of our team has already relocated here and absolutely loves it.

So, if you can think of anyone who might be interested in joining our team, please direct them to our Careers at Inedo page. Thanks!