Windows Infrastructure Configuration and Management with Otter

In this webinar, a current Otter user, Mark Johnson of SureID, will take you through a demo of Otters main capabilities, and follow up with a Q&A session to respond to any questions you have during the demo.

This webinar is for anyone on a Windows development team who is interested in managing their servers with a mind for DevOps best practices. 

Join us tomorrow on March 29th at 1PM EST. Today is the last day to register, so sign up now.

Otter lets you quickly configure your entire server infrastructure, whether it’s local, virtual, or cloud-built. Once you have defined that configuration, Otter keeps an eye on your servers and either automatically remediates drift, or emails you any issues. 

Also check out SureID's case study for more information about how they use Otter. 

Manually remediating drift across a large number of servers can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Instead of adding more team members when the number of servers increases, the simplest solution is to eliminate the manual workload all together, by implementing automation.

As a Windows shop, finding a tool with native Windows support was step number one, which led SureID to Otter.

Windows Infrastructure Configuration and Management with Otter

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