ProGet 1.0.2 Has Been Released

We just shipped ProGet 1.0.2. It's a maintenance release of ProGet 1.0 which means that there is minimal risk to upgrading from an earlier 1.0. However, if you're planning to upgrade from a version prior to 1.0, make sure to read the appropriate upgrade notes.

To install or upgrade, simply download ProGet and run the installer.

Here's what we changed between 1.0.1 and 1.0.2:

  • PG-9 - FIX: Workaround for HTTP-417 Errors in Installer
  • PG-8 - Allow Outbound Proxy Settings To Be Configurable
  • PG-7 - Role names should be Singular
  • PG-6 - FIX: User is removed from all groups after edit on Edit User page

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?