ProGet v4 is Here!

We just shipped ProGet 4.0. It’s a major release of ProGet that’s all about universal usability. We've done a major redesign of the user interface and added Universal Feeds and Packages.

A Whole New Look

The most noticeable change is ProGet’s completely revamped Interface. We updated the UI to incorporate a clean, modern design; you can easily navigate to your Feeds, Packages and Connectors from any page.


Introducing Universal Feeds and Packages

Super simple package management that's actually meant for your applications.

Universal Feeds and Packages give you all the same value and control of packages managers for your applications. They can be easily extended to serve for more specific package needs, giving you the ability to manage your applications as simple as you develop them.

...And More!

  • Connector Health Status Page - ProGet’s simplistic UI provides users with the ability to, at-a-glance, know the health status of each connector.
  • Major SDK upgrade – we’ve updated and upgraded the SDK and did a ton of back-end work making ProGet function better than ever.
  • When upgrading, make sure to check out Upgrade Notes for ProGet 4.0