ProGet 4.4 Beta Released

Now before you upgrade, please note that ...

ProGet 4.4.0 is a beta release.

That said, our beta releases are quite stable (we use them internally), and we do support users who choose to upgrade sooner.

To install or upgrade, simply download ProGet and run the installer.

Make sure to check out the ProGet 4.4 Overview to learn what's in this beta, and what will be coming. Here are the specific items we changed in this beta:

  • PG-623 - BETA: See the beta upgrade notes:
  • PG-620 - FIX: Scoped npm packages are inaccessable on some configurations
  • PG-622 - FIX: Feed Replication May Report 401 with Windows Integrated Authentication
  • PG-621 - FIX: Credentials for npm connectors are sometimes not used
  • PG-619 - FIX: Possible incorrect timestamps of upack file list entries in versions API
  • PG-617 - FIX: Possible 404 when uploading a POM file to a maven snapshot feed
  • PG-618 - FIX: Improve support for Xamarin, uap framework versions for NuGet packages
  • PG-615 - FIX: Incorrect info message displayed on Manage Feed page relevant to Docker feeds, even if the feed itself is not a Docker feed
  • PG-614 - FIX: Error log page incorrectly shifts columns when the error category name is empty or null

To learn more about how we distinguish between major, minor, and maintenance releases, make sure to check out KB#1059 - When should I update?