Using BuildMaster to scale exponential growth, and customize Epic health care software.

A prestigious team found themselves needing functionality above and beyond their current tool set. Their main challenge being the result of a manual/non-automated build-release process that was inefficient, and error-prone. A myriad of other factors only added to the stress of the core challenge, organizational growth, team growth, work-load growth, and team distribution.

Our BuildMaster user at The University of Colorado Health organization, aka, UCHealth is a team called on for special assignments, to trouble-shoot, and help out other teams within their organization when critically needed. They swoop in, save the day (or week, month, etc.) and disappear onto the next project.

With the culmination of all their challenges, their team recognized a need for tooling and processes that could be standardized across the team and organization, eliminate manual errors, and enforce teamwork with contributors in various locations. After doing evaluations of several build automation tools, the robust functionality of BuildMaster, which provides automation for all aspects of the delivery process, emerged as the best fit.