Rezare Systems enjoys Exponential Growth in Automation with BuildMaster

The process of manually deploying software shouldn't have a place in a modern software organization. It's time consuming for your team, wastes valuable resources, and leads to avoidable errors.

Step number one for automating a deployment process is finding the right tool for the job. Rezare Systems found BuildMaster to be the best tool for deploying their software, as well as being the easiest to use.

Rezare Systems started with the recommended "pilot" run for six months, which involved automating deployment for two applications. Rezare Systems then incrementally expanded to five applications within a year, and continued to follow the incremental path, until they fully automated the delivery for all their applications.

Rezare Systems' key benefit of using BuildMaster is simply confidence: confidence to edit, update, build, and deploy, far more easily, and securely.