With all the “I wanted to personally thank you for a great 2016” messages you’re certainly getting, it’s gonna be pretty hard to stand out and sound sincere, but I’m gonna try!

2016 was great, and we couldn't have done it without you, the Inedo Community.

I really mean it. Unlike every other major DevOps vendor, we are not flush with venture capital. We're bootstrapped. Self-funded. That means we need to actually focus on serving our customers' needs, not investors eying for a quick exit. I know. Sounds crazy. But it's been working!

Last year, after receiving so much great advice from so many of you, we completed our largest strategic shift since becoming a single-product company in 2011. We now have a unified product suite that works great together and with other tools, and Inedo is widely seen as the DevOps vendor with extremely powerful, yet very easy-to-use tools.

This year, many of you suggested that we focus on the Inedo Community. So let's do that!

I realize that you all work in different industries and at companies of all sizes, but there's still a lot to learn from each other, and to share with others (without breaking NDA):

  • Did you find an actual, tangible benefit to DevOps?
  • If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently?
  • How did you change your organizational culture?
  • Why did your organization want to automate or “go DevOps”, in the first place?
  • Where did you start?

Once again, I'd love your advice.

How can we share your success and expertise within our own community, and the larger DevOps and IT community?

Can we help by sponsoring your local user group/meetup/hackathon?

Are there any conferences we should attend?

Your thoughts and advice are always appreciated! I'm always happy to do a quick chat or call, so don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.


Alex Papadimoulis
Founder, President, and Chief Whisky Officer
Direct/cell: +1-440-391-1845