The importance of saving your assets in a private repository

Yesterday, we were reminded yet again, why keeping your assets solely in the cloud isn't the best option.

The Verge published an article titled: Amazon's web servers are down and it's causing trouble across the internet , and we're having flashbacks of #npmgate. In this time of outages, we would like to remind our users how important it is to have your assets in a private repository.

Having access to your packages is a vital component to your development process, and that's why it's critical to make sure you can actually access them. By using a Universal Package Manager, like ProGet, you ensure that your packages are easily, and readily available. ProGet allows you to connect to outside repositories and cache a copy of your packages locally, giving you complete control, instead of relying on a third party. Caching locally makes it easy to maintain your packages in times of an outage, thus decreasing possible downtime and making your builds more reliable.

Your Universal Package Manager

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