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Feb 2019

The Best DevOps Tools BuildMaster Integrates With + SDK

Many organizations are afraid of integrating DevOps automation because they don't want to disturb the processes that are already in place. The fear of a long transition period and resistance to change within the organization causes companies to continue using suboptimal deployment processes. Inedo's BuildMaster combats this fear by integrating with tools you are already using.

Marisa Vesel

Feb 19, 2019


Feb 2019

The Top 5 Manual Deployment Failures-And How They Could Have Been Avoided with Automation

There are a lot of various problems that can arise with a manual application build deployment. But while everyone is aware of the potential problems, there is a lot to keep track of. However, not addressing them is a short-term fix that can end in costly deployment failures later on.

Marisa Vesel

Feb 14, 2019


Feb 2019

The Top 4 Most Disastrous Compliance Failures-And How to Avoid Them

Everyone knows compliance issues are very important. However, these issues can be time-consuming and frustrating; which makes them easy to ignore until it’s too late. Failing to take compliance issues seriously can result in major consequences such as data breaches, audit failures, and decreasing brand reputation.

Marisa Vesel

Feb 12, 2019


Feb 2019

Get Certified at InedoCon 2019

Hands-on workshops and certifications are an important part of a user conference experience. We want to provide attendees with the same certification experience we offer clients in our on-site training.

Scott Reece

Feb 06, 2019


Jan 2019

Join us for InedoCon 2019

A two-day event focused on the automation journey for enterprises.

Scott Reece

Jan 24, 2019


Jan 2019

Free Universal Packages Seminar Video Training

Universal Packages can help! You can package your applications and components directly from the Visual Studio Extension or the Jenkins Plug-in, or using free and open-source tools including the Universal Package Explorer or the cross-platform UPack Command-line Interface.

Olivia Glenn-Han

Jan 10, 2019


Jan 2019

Come Visit Inedo At CodeMash

Inedo is kicking off 2019 by having our conference team attend CodeMash in Sandusky, Ohio!

Nikki Gannon

Jan 07, 2019


Dec 2018

I messed up. We're getting back to builds!

A mea culpa from Inedo Founder and CEO Alex Papadimoulis

Alex Papadimoulis

Dec 20, 2018


Jul 2018

Webinar Recap: How to provision Windows servers and manage their configuration with PowerShell DSC and Otter

This month, Solutions Architect Mark Johnson joined us to present How to provision Windows servers and manage their configuration with PowerShell DSC and Otter. The recording of this webinar is now up and available for viewing on YouTube.

Julie Gyurgyik

Jul 31, 2018


Jul 2018

Now Hiring! Help Us Expand and Continue to Build Great and Innovative Products

The Enterprise DevOps tools market has really been taking off lately, and thanks to you, so has Inedo!

Alex Papadimoulis

Jul 25, 2018

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