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May 2019

Hear from Experienced Training Professionals at InedoCon 2019

Learning from passionate subject matter experts is a hallmark of the conference experience. Learning from experienced training professionals can take a normal conference session to the next level of accessibility and help provide a deeper understanding for attendees.

Scott Reece

May 09, 2019


Apr 2019

Hey VIP: Come to InedoCon...For Free!

InedoCon 2019 is less than a month away! We hope you can join us May 22-23 in Portland, OR for a jam-packed two days filled with speaker sessions, workshops, and certification courses!

Marisa Vesel

Apr 30, 2019


Apr 2019

Learn How to Move Away from the Monolith with Bob Vandehey

Do any of the following apply to you?

Scott Reece

Apr 25, 2019


Apr 2019

Jeff Hackert knows about Change!

Former Director of Engineering at Chef, VP of Engineering at Soylent, and Partner at SuperGroup, Jeff has seen what works, what doesn't, and the unique challenges that Change presents in technology and for the people implementing it.

Scott Reece

Apr 11, 2019


Apr 2019

Let's Talk at InedoCon

I've been getting pretty excited about InedoCon, especially after my recent interview about the conference. I've also been thinking a lot about the keynote address, and what I want to talk to you about in-person.

Alex Papadimoulis

Apr 02, 2019


Mar 2019

Come to InedoCon: For FREE!

InedoCon 2019 is already a great value featuring 2 days of sessions, key notes, and training workshop / certifications. It's even better value if you sign up before March 29th when Early Bird Ticket sales stop.

Marisa Vesel

Mar 26, 2019


Mar 2019

Reason #14 Why You Should Attend InedoCon 2019

InedoCon 2019 will be here before you know it! We hope to see you May 22-23 in Portland, Oregon to join us for: An Automation Journey for Enterprises!

Marisa Vesel

Mar 14, 2019


Mar 2019

InedoCon 2019 Speaker and Session Details

Are you getting excited for InedoCon 2019? We definitely are!

Marisa Vesel

Mar 06, 2019


Feb 2019

How Automation Can Help You at All Five Stages of Software Testing

While testing is a continuous process that unfolds over the course of a build, there are still “distinct” stages of testing that present different challenges, requirements, and approaches. By understanding the distinct requirements of each stage, you will be able to create a seamless and effective testing plan.

Marisa Vesel

Feb 22, 2019


Feb 2019

Get Certified at InedoCon 2019

Hands-on workshops and certifications are an important part of a user conference experience. We want to provide attendees with the same certification experience we offer clients in our on-site training.

Scott Reece

Feb 06, 2019


Jan 2019

Join us for InedoCon 2019

A two-day event focused on the automation journey for enterprises.

Scott Reece

Jan 24, 2019


Dec 2016

Private Packages and ProGet Transform Software Deployments

Abanca has been able to automate the delivery of 35 applications and projects, with consistency and security, through a modern "package-based" methodology.

Olivia Glenn

Dec 15, 2016


Nov 2016

Using BuildMaster to Scale Exponential Growth

A prestigious team found themselves needing functionality above and beyond their current tool set. Their main challenge being the result of a manual/non-automated build-release process that was inefficient, and error-prone. A myriad of other factors only added to the stress of the core challenge, organizational growth, team growth, work-load growth, and team distribution.

Olivia Glenn

Nov 04, 2016


Oct 2016

Reinventing processes with BuildMaster

When a housing department's development and IT teams discover they had been using sub-optimal build and deployment practices, they used a vendor shake-up as a positive opportunity. They free up some of the team's time, and resources, as well as allow them to look into DevOps; with the aim of correcting the previous build/deploy policies.

Olivia Glenn

Oct 13, 2016


Sep 2016

Scale the automation of hundreds of applications with BuildMaster.

For a team of web designers, web developers, and web strategists who want to make sure their clients get the most from their online presence, automation can be critical for time management.

Olivia Glenn

Sep 27, 2016


Sep 2016

BuildMaster from an IT, Linux perspective.

An automation tool can prove to be a real asset for IT professionals specializing in Linux. As these folks are most concerned with infrastructure and maintaining its configuration, an automation tool can make their day-to-day tasks more manageable, and their deployments more reliable.

Olivia Glenn

Sep 16, 2016


Aug 2016

Utilizing DevOps tools can build exponential growth in automation, as well as customer confidence.

The process of manually deploying software shouldn't have a place in a modern software organization. It's time consuming for your team, wastes valuable resources, and leads to avoidable errors.

Olivia Glenn

Aug 26, 2016


Jun 2016

Comparing Deployment Automation & Infrastructure as Code

Karl wrote an intriguing article breaking down the specifics of comparing Deployment Automation tools to Infrastructure as Code tools.

Devin Sweeney

Jun 27, 2016