BuildMaster 4.0 is here!

Note: this is not the latest version of BuildMaster

With a whole new look, BuildMaster is the ultimate DevOps tool. It gives you continuous and repeatable deployments, automated releases, increased inter-departmental coordination, and more.

In 4.0, transition your processes incrementally by starting with as much (or as little) automation as you need; BuildMaster will be there to help you grow, improve, and automate. Check out the slideshow to the right to take a tour of the new UI or start your download of BuildMaster 4.0 now!

Upgrading? Make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster 4.0.

Deploy from Continuous Integration

Now you can add BuildMaster's repeatable deployment automation to your existing Continuous Integration suite...

... or if you're not currently using CI, use BuildMaster's basic Build Automation features to get started.

Better Integrations & Extensions

A lot of BuildMaster's functionality is delivered through extensions, and in 4.0 we made this functionality easier to use and discover. you can install extensions as you need them, without having to lose your place by having to go the administration console.

Additionally, we introduced some major changes to the BuildMaster SDK that make it easier to develop both simple and complex customizations.

Major Platform Improvements

We upgraded BuildMaster's underlying platform to .NET 4.0, which introduced a number of performance and stability improvements. We rewrote our Execution Engine to add improvements like parallel server preparation and live logging.

We also introduced a new installer for BuildMaster and BuildMaster Agents that supports silent installation.

Even Easier Automation

You can now import and export your deployment plans as an XML-based file, allowing for plan back-up, migration, and many other uses.

We've also added the ability to clone existing applications, which will copy everything except history: deployment plans, configuration files, database change scripts, etc.

Greater Workflow Flexibility

Although BuildMaster is designed to give you a robust software delivery process, sometimes shortcuts are needed.

In 4.0, we added the ability to bypass workflow rules to allow you to promote builds out-of-sequence, re-activate closed releases, and change how releases are created.

We also added the ability to re-order releases, which can be especially helpful for complex release configurations.

Get started today!

There's never been a better time to start using BuildMaster! Whether you are a new or existing user, BuildMaster 4 is the most powerful version we've released yet.

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