BuildMaster 4.1 has arrived!

Note: this is not the latest version of BuildMaster

BuildMaster is the ultimate DevOps & Continuous Delivery tool. It gives you continuous and repeatable deployments, automated releases, increased inter-departmental coordination, and more.

In 4.1, we've added a major new feature called the Script Repository that makes it even easier to use Windows PowerShell and Shell Scripts within your deployments plans. Check out the slideshow to the right to take a tour of the changes or start your download of BuildMaster 4.1 now!

Curent users: see the Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster 4.1.

The Script Repository

While you've always been able to run custom scripts, with the new built-in Script Repository, you can leverage existing scripts, or develop new ones and re-use them in the same way as you would a built-in BuildMaster action. Additionally, this will group all of your deployment scripts into one convenient location.

Because the types of scripts the repository can execute are extensible, virtually any type of scripting language could be added now or in the future as new types are developed. For this launch, BuildMaster ships with a PowerShell script executer and a Shell script executer that can be used for various Unix/Linux shells.

Changeset Reports, and other Advanced SCM Operations

With the generic Execute Client Command action, you can run any source control command with the same arguments that BuildMaster sends as part of the provider configuration.

This allows you to:

  • Run a blame command
  • Check-in code before build
  • Capture diffs into reports

... and Much More!

Based significantly on user feedback, we're continuing to improve the the user experience with features such as:

  • Unit Test History
  • Custom Icons for Custom Extensions
  • Variable Predicate Improvements
  • Environment UI Improvements
  • Extensible Component Property Encryption

Get started today!

There's never been a better time to start using BuildMaster! Whether you are a new or existing user, BuildMaster 4.1 is better than ever.

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