BuildMaster 4.9 is Here!

Note: this is not the latest version of BuildMaster

BuildMaster v5 is coming pretty soon, and 4.9 has a preview of the amazingly enhanced execution engine. The new execution engine (and deployment plans) will be implemented side-by-side, so there will be virtually no risk in changed deployment plans after you do the upgrade! The features for 4.9 include:

  • Preview of the new, v5 execution engine (notes)
  • First-Class TFS Support
  • Expanded LDAP & Active Directory Support
  • Improvements to database change script feature
  • Relaxed licensing restrictions for the Free version

If you're upgrading, make sure to check out Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster 4.9.

v5 Deployment Plan Preview

The most exciting change in v4.9 is the inclusion of the v5 execution engine for deployment plans. This new engine is implemented side-by-side with the legacy engine, so the behavior of existing plans is not affected by the upgrade. For more information about the new execution engine and importing existing BuildMaster plans, see KB#1107.

Licensing Improvements & Source Code

We lifted many of the licensing restrictions for BuildMaster Express Users. It's much simpler now, and is only limited by the number of applications, servers, and users, as well as LDAP/Active Directory.

In addition, BuildMaster Enterprise customers with a perpetual license may now download the source code for BuildMaster in the MyInedo portal. While this isn't intended (or supported) for customization, this change will not only simplify Source Code Escrow agreements in place with many customers, but will provide an invaluable debugging and validation tool.

First-Class TFS Support

We've had an active TFS integration with BuildMaster for a long time, and in 4.9, we've rebuilt the entire integration. You can now use the TFS extension without installing the Visual Studio on your BuildMaster server to easily couple your TFS build artifacts and BuildMaster's release engine seamlessly.

The TFS integration also includes a source control provider to perform actions against your Team Project, like getting the latest code, applying labels, and getting code by label. The Work Item integration allows you to change an item's status from within BuildMaster.

Expanded LDAP & Active Directory Support

We've introduced more options for integrations with other directories, including complex, multiple-domain Active Directories, and also made switching to them easier.

In addition, we've improved the UI on the manage privileges and roles pages, making administration even easier.

And more!

  • Third-party issue tracker issues are now associated with builds such that newly-synchronzied issues will appear as "opened on", "still open", or "closed on" in the next build created in BuildMaster
  • Issue tracker issue types on the Build and Release Overview pages can be filtered per-user
  • Many performance improvements to a variety of pages within the software

Download BuildMaster 4.9