Note: This is not the latest version of BuildMaster.

Calendars - is released!

Coordinate, schedule, and display your entire release timetable.

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If you're upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster 5.7.

Calendars Dashboard

The Calendars Dashboard helps you avoid problems from communication bottlenecks, poorly timed deployments monopolizing server resources, and simple confusion as to what stage your deployment is in and where it should be.

Creating Views

Organize your dashboard exactly how you need it. Different projects and roles need to be aware of different issues, creating views customizes your calendar’s filters to suit specific needs.

Creating a view lets you:

  • Filter your calendar by event type: release target dates, scheduled deployments, gate deployment windows, and past deployments.
  • Specify views for the application, pipeline, pipeline stage, and environment.
  • Automatically assign color designations.

Setting a Release Target Date

Keep your release goals relevant by maintaining release targets from within BuildMaster. Your goals for your release schedule needs context to remain meaningfully useful. Otherwise you end up with unrealistic release dates, issues that slide through the cracks, and wasted planning time.

Release Target Dates can be:

  • Set for any event for a single day or spanning multiple days.
  • Created across environments.
  • Assigned from the release overview page.

Scheduled Deployments

Critical deployments can use up a lot of resources, and man hours. You should be able to release when it’s convenient to you, not be there when it’s convenient to release.

Scheduled Deployments:

  • Let you push when necessary, not simply when someone is available.
  • If auto deploy is not selected, deployment time can be specified to the date and time.

Gate Deployment Windows

Create and enforce an informed system for when deployments can and should happen. From server concerns, to user traffic, and administrative needs, there are a slew of variables that can affect when to deploy. Poorly timed deployments can lead to approval delays, office connection slowdown, and even server downtime.

Gate Deployment Windows can be set to:

  • Correspond to a day and time-based approval gates.
  • Be defined as granularly as needed - specific to exact time and date.

Note: This is not the latest version of BuildMaster.

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