BuildMaster 5.8 - is released!

The new features in this release include plan versioning, text templating, and an updated LDAP and Active Directory integration.

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If you're upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster 5.8.

Version 5.8

We've added three major features in this version of BuildMaster: Text Templating, updated LDAP and Active Directory integration, and Plan Versioning.

Text Templating

You can now use the Apply-Template operation to perform advanced text replacement. Templating is part of the SDK, so it can also be used by custom extensions.

This feature can be used in combination with Configuration Variables as the simplest mechanism to deploy configuration files.

Updated LDAP and Active Directory

Our new and improved LDAP and Active Directory integration, makes maintaining user and group permissions easier than before. Complex, multi-domain active directory structures are now easily catered to, as our new integration allows permissions to be defined in a third-party LDAP directory, or an active directory domain forest. If you choose to use an active directory domain, you can also enable Windows Integrated Authentication, removing the web-based login prompt.

Plan Versioning

With Plan Versioning, a history of edits is maintained within BuildMaster; allowing approved team members to view the version history, or even preform a rollback to a previous version. You can also simply view the differences between two versions from the Plan Version Listing page. The differences between the two selected plans will be highlighted for quick identification of the changes that have been made. Using plan versioning will bring your team confidence when making changes, and allow for clarity throughout your deployment process.

BuildMaster Roadmap

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