BuildMaster 6.0 is Live.

Release your applications reliably.

Download BuildMaster 6.0

BuildMaster 6.0 – The Next Generation

Upgrading? Despite the major version increase, there’s minimal risk in upgrading. See the BuildMaster 6.0 upgrade notes for more details.

BuildMaster Free – Now Unlimited!

In earlier versions, BuildMaster Free limited you to 5 users, 10 applications, and 5 servers. But with BuildMaster v6, these limits are no more! You can now have unlimited users, unlimited applications, and unlimited servers.

The primary limitation in BuildMaster Free is that all logged-in users are administrators. LDAP integration is also disabled, and you can only use our public forums for support.

Application Import & Export

One of our most requested features, you can now import and export an entire application’s configuration and history as an “application package” directly to a ProGet feed or disk location.

This will not only let you migrate your applications between BuildMaster instances, but will help with application testing and templating as well.

Check out the Importing & Exporting Applications documentation to learn more.

The Inedo SDK

A lot of BuildMaster’s functionality and third-party tool integration is delivered through extensible components, and BuildMaster v6 now uses the shared Inedo SDK to build and use these components. The Inedo SDK not only lets you build one extension for multiple Inedo products, but also gives you access to cross-product extensions that Inedo and the community have created.

Check out the Inedo SDK documentation to learn more about building your own extension, or the Inedo Den to see the available extensions.

Low Risk Upgrade

Although this is a major version increase, upgrading to BuildMaster 6.0 carries minimal risk. Unlike prior major version increases, there were virtually no changes in the execution engine or other core features.

Check out the BuildMaster 6.0 upgrade notes for more details.

Check out the BuildMaster Roadmap for past versions.