BuildMaster 6.2:
Templates & Containers

CI/CD for your applications and infrastructure.

Download BuildMaster 6.2

If you’re upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster 6.2.

Git-based Configuration

BuildMaster 6.2 lets you store and update OtterScript plans, PowerShell script assets, and pipelines directly in a Git repository. Developers can easily update any text-based content traditionally stored or edited within BuildMaster.

Template-based Applications

Easily create application setup templates from the UI and demonstrate how to do common build and deployment scenarios for various technology platforms. Choose from preset templates like .php or TeamCity or build your own.

First-class Support for Packages and Containers

Existing BuildMaster users familiar with build artifacts can now just as easily create or reference packages and containers. BuildMaster 6.2 creates a consistent deployment experience regardless of the kind of build output generated.

“Split” Resource Credentials

BuildMaster 6.2 splits the concepts of “secure resources” (e.g., third-party connection information) and “secure credentials” (e.g., secrets). Connections to external systems can now be configured consistently but can also use different types of credentials to suit the API.

Look in the rear-view mirror of the Inedo Product Roadmap for past versions.