BuildMaster 6.1:
Integrated & Delivered

CI/CD for your applications and infrastructure.

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Sick and tired of shuffling through 1000 different tools just to find who deployed what where and when?

BuildMaster 6.1
The CI/CD Source-of-Truth

Introducing powerful new CI/CD features such as repository monitors, support for GitLab & GitHub hooks, CI badges, and more.

Repository Monitors & Webhooks

Repository monitors & webhooks can now be configured to kick-off your build & release process. Now, commits to any branch that are pushed to GitHub or GitLab can immediately create releases and/or builds, and also perform any other functionality available in the extremely powerful and customizable OtterScript plans.

CI Badges

BuildMaster can now generate status badges and linkable URLs to various overview pages using the new CI Badge API endpoint — perfect for use in README files of your repositories, or to reference in a new variable value renderer.

Custom Variable Rendering

Administrators are now able to control how variable values are rendered on overview pages, allowing several use-cases, for example: linking to another tool, customizing the output of a captured map value, displaying status images, and much more.

Customer Experience & Improvement

Inedo has partnered with Gibraltar Software in order to integrate Loupe with our products as part of our customer success initiative. This program is known as the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), and this opt-in program offers several benefits to both Inedo and our customers.

Look in the rear-view mirror of the Inedo Product Roadmap for past versions.