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BuildMaster 7.0

Continuously Deliver Anything… at Scale!

BuildMaster 7.0 includes some major new features, such as new release templates and high-availability (cluster-based execution). You can also run on a Linux server (via Docker) and listen for agent connections. And we redesigned the UI to make it even more user-friendly, including with “dark mode.”

Get started through the Inedo Hub or Install via Docker:

If you’re upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster 7.0.

High-availability & Load-balancing

Although you could always use BuildMaster’s resource pool feature to distribute work across a “pool” of servers (e.g., build servers), there was still only a single main server.

BuildMaster 7.0 can now run on a cluster of servers, all sharing the same database. This will not only distribute executions (builds and deployments) across servers, it will make sure that your instance is highly-available. If one server in your cluster goes down, it will still be operable.

Run on Docker/Linux

BuildMaster 7.0 is also distributed as a Docker container, which gives you increased flexibility to install BuildMaster on Windows (via the Inedo Hub) or Linux (via Docker).

Outbound (Pull) Agent

BuildMaster can now be configured to “listen” for incoming agent connections, which gives you more flexibility in configuring your network and the servers that BuildMaster will communicate with.

Improved UX & Dark Mode

BuildMaster 7.0 has various styling improvements, including a new “dark mode” you can enable.

New Release Templates

BuildMaster 7.0 enhanced Release Templates feature empowers everyone on your team to create releases and builds by providing a customizable GUI for parameters that includes descriptions, help text, dropdown or checkbox inputs, and more.

Dark Mode
Release Templates