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You don’t need CI/CD processes that look great on paper.

You need processes that work.

This white paper will teach you:

  • Common CI/CD-related mishaps (and how to avoid them)
  • Methods for assessing and evaluating your current CI/CD processes
  • Practical CI/CD implementation strategies with effective real-world benefits

CI/CD is supposed to make our lives easier. It is supposed to save us time, manpower and money. It is supposed to boost efficiency and improve productivity. When implemented and utilized correctly, CI/CD can do all that and more… but when outdated or poorly designed, it does the exact opposite.

We wrote the “Continuous Integration. Continuous Delivery. Continuous Headache” white paper in order to help you identify shortcomings in your CI/CD processes and shore up inefficiencies moving forward.

Don’t let the “CI/CD Headache” disrupt your business.

We Need to Talk

There’s an epidemic of outdated, ineffective CI/CD systems managing the flow of information and ideas, and often companies don’t even realize the extent of the problem.

We don’t know what happens when a tree falls in the woods with nobody around to hear it, but we do know that, just because a department manager doesn’t understand that there is a better way out there, that doesn’t mean the better way doesn’t exist.

Sub-optimal CI/CD processes could be costing you time and money.

Real World Impact

If your current CI/CD process isn’t improving the efficiency, effectiveness or economic performance of your organization, then what’s the point?

Automation can actually cause more problems than it solves. Avoid the “Continuous Headache” and make sure your systems have real-world value.

Let your Competition Deal with the Continuous Headache