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Stop confusing "work" with productivity

Processes were put in place for a reason.
Don't lose the process, make them efficient.

"Before BuildMaster it was very different... We were manually trying to migrate the same application across 15 portals. The whole thing was fraught with errors. We'd miss a file here, an ftp there... Our primary problem was that we couldn't reliably deploy our software and needed a solution for that."

BuildMaster lets you release your software reliably, to any environment, at whatever pace the business demands.

Build a self-service release management platform by allowing different teams to manage their own applications and deploy to their own environments.

BuildMaster allows you to start simple and then scale to thousands of servers and the cloud.

"After BuildMaster's implementation, there has been a definite savings of ... 200 developer hours/month"

Your industry, your CTO, and your organization all have standards that need to be met for good reasons. Those standards require detailed processes to ensure compliance.

Automation ensures that the necessary processes are still in place and being followed as designed, without corners being cut, or steps being skipped.