BuildMaster Roadmap

BuildMaster is by no means "feature complete". Although the software works great for our users today, we're actively working on making it even better.

To give you an idea of where BuildMaster has been, and where we see it going, we've put together this roadmap page. It's a bit rough, but it should show you which changes we plan on making in releases to come.

We decide on what changes to make to BuildMaster based on a number of factors, the largest of which is user features requests. If there's anything you think BuildMaster should do — or should do better — please contact us and let us know.

Version 5Version 5

The central theme of v5 is modern application release automation. This means modernizing some of our approaches to problems (for example, pipelines as code) and creating more integrations that help BuildMaster fit even nicer in enterprise DevOps toolchains. Here's our ideas so far:

Docker Extension

  • Several users are already using BuildMaster to deploy container-based applications, but we'd like to provide a first-class extension that will make this easier.
  • At the heart of the extension will be the 'Ensure-Container' operation, which will ensure that a specific container (perhaps from a ProGet private registry) is a running state on a particular server, and is configured with mounts, networks, and environment variables as expected.

Server Pools

  • A server pool would allow a user to define a list of servers, request a single, unused server from that pool, and then release a server back into that pool. This will be implemented as a pair of operations (Acquire-Server and Release-Server).
  • These operations will ship in a maintenance release of BuildMaster.


  • Although we don't believe that containers are the future for all software across all organizations, they will continue to play in important role in many organizations' application architectures. We are committed to providing tools that enable simple yet powerful workflows for working with containers
  • BuildMaster will manage the pipeline as you test containerized applications between different stages through different environments

Cloud / PaaS

  • Applications "built for the cloud" (i.e. using a PaaS or "serverless" approach) will be another alternative for organizations.
  • BuildMaster will manage the deployment pipeline of application and infrastructure configuration components

PowerShell and DSC

  • PowerShell is the standard for automating configuration on Windows servers, and while we've certainly embraced it's use throughout BuildMaster, Otter, and ProGet, there's still some room to improve, especially when it comes to PowerShell DSC.
  • We would love to see BuildMaster users be able to use ProGet to host DSC resources, and easily create DSC-based plans from the visual editor.

We don't exactly have a schedule for these, but if you're interested in seeing them sooner, let us know.

  • New Service Messenger
  • Load Balancing
  • New Inedo Agent
  • Manual Intervention
  • Multi-release Coordination - This hasn't been spec'd out yet, but the idea is to come up with a feature or module that will allow you to manage multiple releases across multiple applications using a single, one-off "project". This project might have a template, so it could be reused, and would allow a single page that allows related releases to be visualized, approved, and deployed.

Already Released:

  • BuildMaster 5.8 - Text Templating, updated LDAP and Active Directory integration, and Plan Versioning
  • BuildMaster 5.7 - Improved Release Coordination with Calendars
  • BuildMaster 5.6 - Improved Source Control, Issue Tracking Integration
  • BuildMaster 5.5 - Server Drift Status, Pipeline Variables, Package Deployment API
  • BuildMaster 5.4 - Agentless Servers for Windows, Dynamic Variable List, Variables API
  • BuildMaster 5.3 - Inedo Den, a community portal for extensions and integration
  • BuildMaster 5.2 - infrastructure export, import, and sync, first-class Otter integration
  • BuildMaster 5.1 - New agents, resource credentials, first-class ProGet integration
  • BuildMaster 5.0 - UI overhaul, new execution engine, pipelines as code

v5 is fully supported; although all new features and fixes will be shipped in the latest v5 release, we will continue to maintain earlier v5 releases to resolve any critical or security issues discovered for users who cannot yet upgrade to the latest v5 release.

Version 4

The central theme of v4 was usability, not just in making things look nicer and be easier to use, but in improving our existing features, making them more flexible, and easier to discover.

v4 is fully supported. Fixes will be continue to be shipped in the 4.9 release, and we will continue to maintain earlier v4 releases to resolve any critical or security issues discovered for users who cannot yet upgrade to 4.9.

Version 3

Although there was no central theme to BuildMaster 3.x releases, we made significant performance and architectural improvements, and solidified a lot of our existing features while adding a few more.

  • BuildMaster 3.0 - drag/drop deployment plans, linkable action groups
  • BuildMaster 3.1 - SSH-based Agent, JSON API
  • BuildMaster 3.2 - recipes, agent management, artifact deployment improvements
  • BuildMaster 3.3 - TCP-based agent, application-creating wizards, clone application
  • BuildMaster 3.5 - live help sidebar, upgrades model (now defunct)
  • BuildMaster 3.6 - variables expansion, variable servers
  • BuildMaster 3.7 - transitional/support release for those who can't upgrade to 4.0

v3 is semi-retired, which means that we will provide very limited support to v3 users who have not yet upgraded, and will provide assistance in performing upgrades. However, we will no longer ship maintenance releases, patches, or other changes.

Version 2

The main focus for BuildMaster 2.x releases was new features. We introduced a whole lot of them, including an installer, Promotion Requirements, chained builds & deployments, Change Controls, Server Groups & Clustered Deployments, Triggers, the API, the the SDK, the Extension Gallery, and a free edition.

v2 has been retired and is no longer supported.

Version 1

Long before "DevOps" and "continuous delivery" entered the general lexicon, we shipped BuildMaster 1.0. It was rough around the edges yet functional. We learned that there was definitely a demand for this type of product, but that it needed far more features to solve complex deployment and delivery scenarios.

v1 has been retired and is no longer supported.