BuildMaster: Self-hosted CI/CD Platform

BuildMaster is a self-hosted, user-friendly CI/CD platform that can automate builds and deployments while giving the whole team visibility and control over the release process.

Use Existing Tools & Processes

BuildMaster stands in front of your tools like a command center, providing a consistent process across builds, deployments, and releases.

No-Code & Low-Code Automation

Beginners and experts alike can build CI/CD pipelines with templates, drag-and-drop editors, and pre-existing PowerShell, Python, and other scripts.

Self-host on Windows or Linux

BuildMaster is self-managed, which means you have the option to run BuildMaster on-premises or in your private/public cloud.

Hear from BuildMaster Users

Discover the Full Power of BuildMaster

It’s easy to get started with BuildMaster on Windows, Linux, or a server hosted in the cloud. There is also a powerful free version that lets you try out almost all of the features.