Berea Office

Inedo is headquartered in Berea, Ohio, USA, and is a proud member of the Cleveland community. The Berea office sits on the historic “triangle,” just adjacent to Baldwin Wallace University. Take a look inside our offices!


The office sits on both floors of 56 Front Street. The building itself has stood for over 100 years and has been the home to many businesses, including Whitey’s Army Navy Store and a bank.

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In 2019, we renovated the ground floor to be an open-concept workspace. The best feature of the first floor is the large mural of iconic Berea sights, including Coe Lake and the Union Depot. Local artist Lisa Quine designed and painted this beautiful piece.

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The Berea theme continues on the office’s second floor: a photoprint mural of historic downtown Berea adorns the wall of our renovated conference room. The first two bay windows from the left of the mural are now this conference room.


Inedoins love a chance to kick back and enjoy some of the good things in life. CEO Alex Papadimoulis‘s hobby is his collection of fine Scotch and whiskies, featured in a backlit wooden bar on the second floor.


A building this old always holds secrets. Some of our favorites are the bank elements. Employees who enter the storage areas can glimpse the carved ceiling tiles of the old building and a huge safe. We wonder what’s inside!


We are as proud to be a Cleveland company as we are to have a location in Japan. The Japanese influence on Inedo’s culture and art are obvious. In January 2020, Inedoins participated in a Kakizome, or “first writing” of the new year. That calligraphy decorates the upper floor of the office in Berea.

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