Full Time • Negotiable Salary • Paid Relocation

We’re a software product company that makes several popular automation tools that help organizations implement DevOps practices. Although we’re a small company, our products power the software delivery of some of the largest enterprises in the world, as well as countless other retail, government, medical, and financial institutions.

Our products are built on Microsoft technologies (.NET, TypeScript, SQL Server, etc.), and work on both Windows and Linux. We pride ourselves on not only the advanced technology we develop, but also on the strong engineering and software delivery practices we continuously improve upon.

With the DevOps market exploding in the past couple years, we’ve seen a lot of growth as well, and are looking for a strong team player to join our development team in our Berea, Ohio, office.

Engineering Life at Inedo

We pride ourselves on being passionate and driven professionals. We work hard, but more importantly, we work smart. This means not only eschewing buzzword-driven development and hacking-till-it-works, but we really focus on making a smart work/life balance a big part of our culture.

Engineering life at Inedo is a whole lot more exciting and fulfilling than corporate IT departments and consultancies.

  • We do things the right way. Most companies use software to implement innovative business ideas and prefer to keep software development costs to a minimum. Instead, our software is our innovation, and we take that very seriously. Of course, we like to keep things as simple as possible, but we don’t compromise on doing the right way.
  • Innovate your own ideas. If you see an opportunity for improvement to our products, you’ll be able to fully execute your idea from specification to shipping, and then see the real impact it has on our end users when you tell them about your change. Most of our best features came directly from our own ideas.
  • Advanced technology. Our tools aren’t information system that just move records around and implement complex and seemingly arbitrary business rules defined by some analyst. They automate deployments, provision servers, distribute packages, and so on. You’ll be exposed to and expected to learn to a whole lot more than the basics you’re used to.
  • Small teams of experts. Most organizations are designed around hiring lots of average people with average skillsets; this allows them to scale easily and not be impacted by turnover. We’re not like this. If you’ve become accustomed to always being the strongest on your team, you may find it uncomfortable to be surrounded by peers who are equally or even more skilled than you. To be the best, you have to learn from the best.
  • We are our own users. We rely on the very tools we build to build our own tools. This mean you’ll have insight into what our software does, how it works, and the real value that it adds to the development process. We don’t rely on business analysists to prepare detailed specifications of what fields we should code, what buttons we should create (and where), and how to move around database records; instead, we rely on ourselves to decide those things.
  • Our customers / end-users can speak code. In most organizations, developers are rarely given the opportunity to interact with the actual end-users of the software they build or the customers of the business; and when they do, it requires layers of “technical translation”. Most of our end-users are developers themselves, and we’ll often share the exact line of code that’s causing an issue — and sometimes they’ll even offer a pull request for how to improve it.


As a small-but-growing company, there are many advancement opportunities within Inedo. But at first, you will be responsible for:

  • Product feature implementation — implement technical and business specifications following established code design guidelines and best practices
  • Bug fixes and code review — translate support tickets and community forum posts into software bug fixes
  • Technical documentation — document features and bug fixes targeting both technical and non-technical audiences


Experience Required

  • 2+ years full-stack application development experience (C#, .NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTTP/JSON, HTML/CSS, etc.)
  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio

Preferred Experience

  • Knowledge of package management solutions (NuGet, maven, rpm, etc.)
  • Familiarity with Inedo tools
  • Experience with infrastructure automation (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)
  • 3+ years DevOps / automation exposure, including:
    • Continuous integration
    • Deployment automation


  • Expertise in application, data, and infrastructure architecture disciplines
  • Passion for learning, problem solving, attention to detail, and continuous improvement
  • Understand and refine technical, functional, nonfunctional, and business requirement specifications
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong technical background, particularly in .NET development
  • Proficiency with Git-based version control (GitHub and GitLab), including branching and merge requests
  • Familiarity with issue tracking management
  • Ability to work independently as well as with a growing team