You! Yes, you.

If your unique skills, experience, and qualifications aren’t a good fit for one of our open positions, but you think they’d be a great fit for Inedo, then we’d love to hear from you. But first things first, we need a job description for your ideal role at Inedo; it doesn’t need to be very long or detailed, but it should give us an idea of where you might fit in.

It could be full-time or part-time, on-site or remote. Maybe project-based. There’s plenty to do, and you might just be right the person to do it.

About Us

Our products power the software delivery of some of the largest enterprises in the world, as well as countless other retail, government, medical, and financial institutions. Our teams consist of passionate and driven professionals, who pride themselves on working hard, but more importantly, working smart. This means not only eschewing buzzword-driven development and hacking-till-it-works, but we really focus on making a smart work/life balance a big part of our culture.

Curious about where we’re located? Go here for all the reasons to consider life in the greater Cleveland area – we’ve created a pretty compelling list!