Join Our Team

Inedo is a unique place to work - but then again, so are most places. It's pretty difficult to capture what makes us different with a few words and pictures, but after perusing our scotch library, checking out our fun side projects, and reading through our culture and values.

We are always on the lookout for ambitious people who want to grow and help us grow.

Culture and Values

  • Simplicity - considering all the complex things you can do with our software products, the code behind them is surprisingly simple. We're firm proponents of boring code and will almost always choose under-engineering before over-engineering. As it turns out, it's just code - and we can change that. This same philosophy extends to our marketing, sales, and support processes as well.
  • Constant Change - we believe that if we're doing the exact same next year that we're doing today, we're either not adapting to evolving market/customer demands, or we're not trying to improve ourselves. Change is very important to us -- from the way we position our products to the way we conduct our meetings -- and we understand that sometimes, we'll be making the wrong decision. This type of environment is not for everyone.
  • Hard but Rewarding - we are all constantly doing things we haven't done before, and there's no one to tell us exactly how to do it. That's challenging in and of itself, but we also focus on creating actual value in an environment of constant change. This leads to some long, hard days - but we're all proud of the results, whether it's shipping software or a children's book.