Intern - Development (#028)

As a CS/CIS student, you probably have a lot of internship opportunities available. Some are thinly-veiled attempts at recruiting you so that you'll have an easy job when you graduate. Others are looking for someone to help with their website or Access database or whatever, and figure that it's easy, so some college kid could do it. And then there's interning at Inedo.

If you're simply looking for a place to fill your mandatory work/study hours, then you look elsewhere. This will not be an easy internship.  If you learned the theory of sword making in your courses, then you'll be expected to not only make your own blade, but to go out and start fighting bad guys with it. Don't get us wrong, you won't completely be on your own. In fact, we'll offer up lots of crash courses on real-world software product development. But there are no textbooks for what we do, or even Q&A sites you can go to for help. You'll need to quickly figure out how to teach yourself, and then figure out when you should ask for help.

Each of our internships are uniquely tailored for the individual. We'll work together to figure out goals, takeaways, hours, duration, and all those sorts of things. While we're open to working with a variety of experience levels, we generally prefer those who can check-off most of the following bullet points:

  • .NET/C# Development
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Web (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) Development
  • Understanding of Object-oriented Concepts
  • Extracurricular Development Experience (Personal or Previous Internships)
  • Junior or Senior Level

If this sounds like it could be a good fit, go ahead and send in your resume using the contact form below. If you don't hear back after a little while, feel free to send another message; sometimes the postmaster does lose emails.