Support Analyst (#056)

We're a software products company whose products are built for development organizations. This means that our customers and end-users are not just software developers, but passionate software developers who want to change their company for the better. It's a sophisticated and enthusiastic audience, and we need support folks who are up to the challenge of working in this space.

This is not the type of job where you will put in a leisurely seven or eight hours, waiting around for the occasional "why don't you reboot your computer" support ticket. You'll have plenty of challenging, stimulating work -- and a big part will be figuring out how we can improve our product and experience so that other customers won't need to contact us for similar issues, whether that's by clarifying something in the UI or improving our documentation.

While our products are quite easy to use, the problems that our customers solve are not. You'll need to not only learn how our tools work, but learn what exactly our customers are trying to do, and be effective at getting them the help they need: whether that's figuring it out on your own or working with our engineers. You'll also be on the front-line, interacting directly with our customers; often times, the support experience you deliver will be the first impression they get of our brand -- and you know what they say about first impressions!

Developer Growth Opportunity

Most of the developers on our team started their career in a helpdesk/support role, either in college or as their first job. We'll gladly help you make the transition from support to development through our Developer Apprenticeship Program. If you are interested in pursuing this route, we will spend a significant amount of time working with you to rapidly increase your software development proficiency; through our mentorship, you could reach an expert/mastery level in a very short time (what would take most developers ten+ years), but it will require a lot of dedication and a lot of a hard work. This experience will also be helpful in the short-term: learning the code is crucial to understanding how our software behaves under certain conditions.

The Day to Day

In addition to working with our customers and evaluators, your day-to-day would include things like...

  • Creating tutorials, knowledge base articles, and documentation
  • Administering our internal (Windows-based) network and servers
  • Managing virtual servers (Windows, *nix) used for testing
  • General IT helpdesk tasks for our handful of employees

About You

Your bullet points should be a fairly close match to these bullet points:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities
  • Familiarity with software development process
  • Solid web research skills
  • High competency in Microsoft Office
  • Moderate knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Intelligent, ambitious, and self-directed
  • Willingness for occasional travel (conferences, customer visits)