Cool Stuff & Fun Projects

We love creating fun products for the community aside from just software. Here are some of the cool projects we're working on.

Code Offsets

We wanted to actually do something about bad code. So like carbon offsets, which aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide/greenhouse gases to compensate, or offset emissions made elsewhere, our Code Offsets are used to offset the bad code that already exists.

When you purchase a pack of Code Offsets, the proceeds go towards our partner organization, TECH CORPS, an amazing non-profit group that helps promote good code through education. They ensure K-12 students have equal access to technology programs, skills and resources that enhance early learning, and preparations for college and career.


We designed nine different bills, each offsetting a select amount of bad code. The bills available range from one line, all the way up to one thousand lines. They feature some of the most notable characters from the history of computing, the founders of the discipline from Babbage to Hopper.

Programming Languages ABC++

Michael and Martine Dowden came to us with an idea: an ABC book written for the programmer parent who wants to share their love for code with their children and in a way they both can enjoy. Knowing our experience with Release!, and the unexpected success we had crowdfunding it, they asked for our help. We wanted this book to exist and knew other nerdy parents out there would too! Our Kickstarter for the book was a wild success!



Being huge fans of board games, card games and, well, fun, we wanted to try our hand at creating a game. We decided to combine our love for card games with our expansive knowledge about building software, to create a card game everyone could enjoy. Release! was inspired by classic trick-taking games but with our own twist, and the available plugins and expansions make it possible that each game will be different every time you play. Anyone can play Release! -- you don't need any knowledge of software development to take down your fellow players.


The Daily WTF

Founded in 2004, The Daily WTF is your how-not-to guide for developing software. It recounts tales of disastrous development, from project management gone spectacularly bad to inexplicable coding choices. These are true stories, all submitted by developers from around the globe, tied together by the shared misfortune of running into some of the worst projects imaginable.



Pens, hats, stickers, oh my! We've got it all! From fun inedo branded stuff, to cool conference swag, we are sure to have something that might tickle your fancy. Who doesn't love free stuff anyway?! Check out some of our latest and greatest swag for the opportunity to rep one of your favorite software companies.

Got an idea?

Have an idea you think might be up our alley? Or a fun project you need help bringing to the next level? Contact us! We're always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with other enthusiastic people in the software community.