Our current generation of products (BuildMaster v5, Otter v1, ProGet v4) is focused on Enterprise DevOps through Modern Application Automation.

Although Application Release Automation is often pejoratively called the “traditional approach” to application creation and delivery, we believe it’s the simplest process to follow and understand, and will remain the most popular and most appropriate process for most applications in most organizations.

Our products have always supported, and will continue to support this ARA approach; we will also continue investing in advancing ARA practices, both through adding new product features, and developing advanced usage scenarios.

Newer Approaches to Application Automation

At the same time, we also are committed to enabling newer approaches – namely, containers and cloud/PaaS – albeit using a more restrained and compliance-minded approach; that is, not by having some developer type in some command to deploy an application to production.


Although we don’t believe that containers are the future for all software across all organizations, they will continue to play in important role in many organizations’ application architectures. We are committed to providing tools that enable simple yet powerful workflows for working with containers:

Cloud / PaaS

Applications “built for the cloud” (i.e. using a PaaS or “serverless” approach) will be another alternative for organizations. We will expand:

PowerShell and DSC

PowerShell is the standard for automating configuration on Windows servers, and while we’ve certainly embraced its used throughout BuildMaster, Otter, and ProGet, there’s still some room to improve, especially when it comes to PowerShell DSC.

We would love to see BuildMaster and Otter users be able to use ProGet to host DSC resources, and easily create DSC-based plans from the visual editor.