JIT BizCards

You find yourself in the middle of a vendor hall, with booths as far as your eyes can see. There are tchotchkes of all shapes, colors, and sizes that are practically begging to find a home in your cubicle. As you ogle all the goodies, your fellow conference-goers swarm the room and start snagging the niftiest of toys. But fear not: you've got your swag bag and are ready to collect your loot.

Now imagine the horror as you reach into your pocket for the de-facto convention currency - the business card - only to find that you are fresh out. As you fumble to find an alternative, your colleagues hand out their cards and quickly clear-out the collectables. You're left with mere scraps and gather little more than a few pens and pads of paper.

Just-In-Time Business Cards

Never attend a conference without Just-In-Time Business Cards. The back features Initech (à la Office Space) while the front offers a convenient means of conveying your vital information.

Just-In-Time Business Cards

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