A Jenkins plugin that allows Jenkins jobs to create and upload, or download and extract, universal packages.

This requires ProGet version 4.0.12 or higher to work correctly.

In order to utilize this extension, you can download it directly from your Jenkins instance, see the Jenkins plugin page.

Using ProGet as your Universal Repository with Jenkins CI

Saving Build Artifacts in a local repository allows teams to maintain artifact security, decrease download time, and log build-specific metadata for any artifact entering ProGet. In this guide we'll be automatically uploading an artifact from Jenkins to ProGet as part of a build process.

We'll assume that you already have a working Jenkins instance and a ProGet server already set up.

Integrating ProGet and Jenkins

Hooking ProGet and Jenkins together is as simple as setting up an API key for both. First, create and save an API key in ProGet:

Click Administration > Click API Keys & Access Logs > Create Api Key


Next, Make sure that you have the ProGet Plug-in installed on your Jenkins Instance. Just search ProGet in the Available Tab in the Plug-in Management section of Jenkins, and restart your Jenkins instance.

Last, set the ProGet API key in Jenkins using your ProGet Server URL and user credentials.

Click Manage Jenkins > Click Configure System > Click Inedo Proget


Configure Jenkins to Upload to ProGet

After establishing a connection between ProGet and Jenkins, we'll configure Jenkins to save an artifact it creates to ProGet as a Universal Package type.

You can also Configure Jenkins to pull artifacts from ProGet to use as build elements by adding the build step in Jenkins ProGet Package Download and filling out the configuration details.

First, we'll create a new feed in ProGet for Jenkins to save to.

Click Feeds > Click Create New Feed > Click Universal > set Name (Website)

Next, select the Application in Jenkins that you want to save the build artifact from, and add the ProGet Package Upload build step. Use the feed that was just created from the drop down (Website), and set a group (it can be created in Jenkins), a package name that will appear in ProGet, a version number, and the files that you want to package up (we're using /** to select all files).


When you run your build in Jenkins it will now package all files and send them to ProGet as a Universal Package.

The build is successfully run in Jenkins.


A new Universal Package is created in ProGet.