A Visual Studio extension that allows you to push directly from Visual Studio to a designated Universal Feed in ProGet.

It's important to ensure that your Universal Package Manager is maintained and updated with the latest packages and build artifacts as they are created, adapted, and developed. The Push to ProGet Visual Studio Extension allows you to maintain and update a feed with Visual Studio right from the IDE.

Using the Push to ProGet Visual Studio Extension

In this guide we will demonstrate how to push directly from Visual Studio to a designated Universal ProGet feed.

Installing the Extension

Install the Visual Studio extension in the normal manner, either using the above link or from within the Visual Studio Menus options.

Tools > Extensions and Updates > Online > Search for "ProGet" > Download, Install, and Restart Visual Studio.

While Visual Studio is restarting, open up your ProGet instance and identify which Universal Feed you want your package published to (or create a new one). Take note of the feed URL (the syntax will be: https://progetloaction/feed-type/feedname).

Package and Push

Open the Visual Studio Project you want to package and send to ProGet.

From the Solution Explorer, right click on the project, and select Push to ProGet.


Fill out the information needed in the few dialog boxes.


Confirm and Push your package.


Visual Studio will then build the chosen project, package everything together as a Universal Feed Package and push it to Proget.


That’s it, once packages are in ProGet it’s easy to import those packages to BuildMaster to be deployed as part of a Release Package, or pulled to Otter to provision infrastructure.