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Vulnerability Scanning

This integration allows you to identify known security and compliance risks associated with your packages.

By installing the Vor Sercurity extension, you are able to detect known vulnerabilities in your packages.

To learn how to use this extension check out this five minute set-up video.

This extension allow users to:

  • Add Vulnerability Source - add Vor Security as vulnerability scanning source and scan the National Vulnerability Database for security risks
  • Block Package Download - block download of package associated with different assessment types



No notes for this release

Download (requires ProGet 4.6.0 or newer)



No notes for this release

Download (requires ProGet 4.6.0 or newer)

If your installation of ProGet can access inedo.com, simply navigate to Admin > Extensions, and install or update extensions from the gallery.

You can also manually install the extension.

  1. Copy the extension file (VorSecurity.progetx) to the Extension Library path (by default, this is %ProgramData%\ProGet\Extensions).
  2. Restart the ProGet Service (Admin > Service).
  3. Restart the ProGet Web Application (Admin > All Settings > Save).
  4. Verify that the new extension has been loaded (Admin > Extensions)