Hedgehog takes your applications and services
to production faster.

Hedgehog enables you to define reusable workflows.

Workflows automate testing, deployment, and if necessary, rollback.


Import your application and component packages from ProGet, so you can uniformly distribute your software across environments and enable consistent deployment and testing.


Bundle related packages, common variables, and deployment configurations to orchestrate complex, multi-package or multi-server scenarios. Document and enforce these relationships with templates to create an easy-to-use, self-service deployment platform.


Deliver to any number of targets, such as servers or the cloud. Control which types of packages may be deployed at which stage, restrict who can deploy to different environments, and define which approvals are required.


Accelerate your software delivery by shipping pre-release and GitFlow packages into your testing pipelines sooner without interrupting existing release schedules or risking inadvertent production changes.


Discover which stage various packages are at and which deployments need attention by seeing the status of your packages across all environments on a single dashboard. Drill down to detailed deployment records while restricting who can see sensitive log entries.

All of our products are built using the same, reliable technology components.

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