Download Hedgehog

Getting Started

Hedgehog will install on any supported version of Windows; simply click through the installer to get Hedgehog up and running in minutes. Through the installer, you will select the edition you wish to install, a trial, the free edition, or enter a license key. Refer to Selecting the Edition at the bottom of this page for clarity.

Disclaimer: This download is pre-release software designed to preview features for the upcoming Hedgehog product and should not be used in a production environment.

Latest Version: 1.0.2

File size: 45mb

Upgrading Hedgehog

You can upgrade to Hedgehog 1.0.2 from any previous version of Hedgehog. Just run the installer to update your installation; the agents will automatically update when the installation is complete.

Other Downloads

If you need to download an older version of Hedgehog, an alternate installation package, or the Hedgehog Windows agent, please visit the all versions page.

Selecting the Edition

The step six in the Hedgehog Installer is where you select which edition of Hedgehog you'd like to use (Free, trial, or enter a Key).