What is Kramerica?

Kramerica is a fictional enterprise organization (much like Microsoft's Contoso) that is used primarily to describe the organization of a more complex set of projects, applications, and workflows that can be automated within BuildMaster.

The goal of the Kramerica documentation is to fully describe the overall architecture of the multiple projects owned by the different development teams in the organization.

About Kramerica

Kramerica is a national retailer of specialty products, founded in 1974. As they've moved into the 21st century, their IT reach has grown considerably. In addition to catalog-based sales, Kramerica has opened an E-Commerce site and modernized their warehouse systems, and has built up a complex infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of four mission-critical applications: WMS, IMS, ISS, and eCom, and the .NET applications are all built on an internally developed enterprise library. These applications are supported by separate development teams, but as many resources and servers are shared, deployments must be coordinated.

These pages illustrate how the systems interoperate, identify shared components, and describe high-level maintenance procedures.

Projects Overview

  • Foundation - Foundation is the common set of .NET components shared across all Kramerica applications and is a core dependency of all internal .NET applications. It provides Kramerica with a common platform for global functionality, logging and exception handling in all .NET-based applications.
  • Common Services - Common Services is a .NET component build on top of Foundation that provides the implementation of a set of common services for the enterprise. It provides Kramerica with a common platform for building a Service Orientated Architecture.
  • eCommerce - eCom is online store for Kramerica products. The site is an e-commerce solution written entirely in C# and consists of three major components Web.Framework, Website and Administration.
  • Warehouse Management System - WMS is the system that supports warehouse management, shipping and receiving and inventory management. It is a Java application hosted in Tomcat and uses Oracle databases.
  • Inventory Management System - IMS manages the inventory tracking and provides order forcasting for Kramerica. It is a Windows Forms application deployed via ClickOnce and uses a SQL Server database.
  • Integrated Sales System - ISS is Kramericas internal product sales software, used by sales associates to enter and track orders. It is a Windows Forms application deployed via ClickOnce that uses a web services layer and stores data in a SQL Server database.

Systems Overview

Kramerica System Overview