We are happy to consider contributions in any of the following forms:

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Bug reports should be submitted to the Issues section of the project’s corresponding GitHub repository if one exists, or filed as a support ticket if there is no corresponding repository.

Feature requests may be submitted through any available channels, including an associated GitHub Issues section if one exists, a support ticket for Enterprise customers, the community forums, or even the contact form.

Before submitting a bug report or feature request, please perform a quick search of both the associated GitHub repository (if it exists), or the YouTrack instance for non-public projects to ensure someone else hasn’t already submitted the same item.

GitHub Pull Requests

We are happy to consider pull requests. We’ll have more information available as we open up more of our projects. But for now, here’s a few guidelines for what we’ll consider:

In terms of licensing, we obviously will not accept pull requests that violate or our own license terms, or require additional licensing restrictions beyond the associated project’s license agreement.