Otter 1.5 is released!

Note: This is not the latest version of Otter.

Otter maintains your servers' configuration using an Infrastructure as Code approach, and with Otter 1.5 even more functionality is added with support for indexers and new extensions.

If you're upgrading, make sure to check out Upgrade Notes for Otter 1.5.

List and Map Indexers

We updated the execution engine to support indexers for list and map variable types. This greatly simplifies the use of complex expressions, allowing you to do things like:

  1. @MyList(3)
  2. %SysConfig.Drives.Mounts
  3. set %Customers[$index] = %Templates[customers-$index];

New Extensions - JIRA and git

We've added more extensibility by allowing you to hook in with other tools in your DevOps toolchain. Otter now has a first-class integration with JIRA and git. Through the extensions, you're now able to use built-in operations from within your configuration and orchestration plans. Learn more by visiting the Inedo den!

Get started!

You can download Otter and take your own test drive, and see for yourself just how easy visualizing your infrastructure can be. If you have a feature you'd like to add, don't hesitate to contact us via the support Q&A forum.

Download Otter