Note: This is not the latest version of Otter.

Otter 1.6 - is released!

Display installed packages directly from Otter, without manually logging into the server

Download the Server Packages PDF Brief

If you're upgrading, make sure to check out Upgrade Notes for Otter 1.6.

Server Packages

A central portion of Otter’s functionality is a quick view of basic server configurations. With the Server Packages feature in Otter 1.6, this core functionality is extended to include easy-to-understand reports of installed packages, and provide deeper understanding of your servers’ configuration.

Collect and Display

When configured to collect information, the Server Packages Tab will display an easy-to-read report of packages installed on a specified server. This gives permitted users the ability to view installed packages without manually logging-in to the server.


Server Packages is a fully extensible feature. It's quick to set up and can be used for your specific needs.

Server Packages could be used to capture:

  • MSIs installed on a Windows server
  • Packages installed on a Linux server
  • Docker containers present on a server
  • Almost any server info you might need

Resource Pools and Role Dependencies

Visualize complex server configurations all while only utilizing the minimum necessary resources to save time and business costs.

Introducing Resource Pools

A Resource Pool is a set of servers that are used as a single, load-balanced resource. Resource Pools are especially useful for times when you only want to perform something on a single server in role. For example, if you have a long-running task like automated UI testing, you’d only want one of your available web-ui-testing servers to perform that task.

To learn more about Resource Pools visit our documentation.

Role Dependencies

Role dependencies allow users to model their complex server and application configuration through hierarchical sets of simple roles with dependencies. Giving users more insight into the often complex server structure providing better understanding and utilization of resources.

Visit the documentation to learn more about Role Dependencies in Otter.

Note: This is not the latest version of Otter.

Otter Roadmap

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